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About Us
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Physiology is a part of almost every other subject in medicine. Nobel prize in the field of medicine is titled as (prize in) “Physiology and Medicine”. Yet, this particular stream of Medicine does not get its due place under the sun. In India, this branch of Medicine is not considered lucrative as a career option; Physiology hardly bears any traction for a medical graduate, to take up for post graduation.

I have been teaching, as also learning myself, this subject for over 20 years, first as a post graduate student and then in various designations. Even today I feelthere is so much more that I have yet to learn and imbibe.Contrary to the general belief, this subject is very vast and ever expansive. In the later part of my journey as a devout Physiologist and a passionate academician, two questions started bothering me –

  1. “I take so much from this subject and the stream, isn’t it my duty to give back whatever little I can?”
  2. “I get so much love and adoration from students, what can I give them in return?”

The idea started with providing notes and study material to the undergraduate students. The idea and thought process evolved so much that it became a mission.

Since cell phones have become an integral part of life, we designed and launched an app for the students and faculty of Physiology. The app named ‘Physiology guru’ is being well-received by the medical community and has been a satisfying experience.